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Barb Hopkins is a fantastic creative tour de force!  I’m super excited to see where her profession career takes her.  Onward and upward from here Barb.  Best Wishes!


Author, wife, mom, & chamber chick extraordinaire! This is where I share my life, writing, & randomness with unique people of character and class. Born in Northern Lower Michigan, I grew up under the shadow of the trees in the Huron National Forest - it was here I first started telling stories to all my friends which I passed off as 'a dream I had last night.' By the time I graduated high school I had several journals full of stories, a novel finished, and the knowledge that I would be doing something creative with my life - though I wasn't sure just yet. I attended a few years of college at Northern Michigan University on the shores of Lake Superior where I met the love of my life. Together we traveled to the state of Missouri where we married, bought a home, and started a family. These days I keep a day job as an executive at a local Chamber of Commerce and work on evenings and weekends towards my goal of becoming a published author. Encouragement in the form of likes, comments, & donations of chai tea are warmly accepted & greatly appreciated.

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