About the Writer

Like many people, I’ve often found that writing a personal bio or “About Me” page to be a challenge. You want to appear intelligent, yet approachable as well as witty but not too snarky. In the end, many bio pages end up sounded stilted and sometimes just plain weird. I’ll take weird over stilted.Barb-Hopkins-Reader-Writer

Like the majority of this site, this page currently is under construction — kind of like my life. I’m always in the midst of some type of improvement project, whether it’s an actual home DIY project (yep, I can run a circular saw and know how to hang siding if the need arises) or simply something new I’m tackling with work.

So, I promise you that very soon I will have this page updated and you’ll be treated to some of the bits and bobs that make me who I am.

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