World Book and Copyright Day is Coming

World Book and Copyright Day — you may know it as World Book Day (although in the U.S. a World Book Day is celebrated in early March as well) or the International Day of the Book is April 23, 2017. Organized annually by UNESCO, this very special day celebrates books, reading, publishing, and the protection of the copyright.

World Book and Copyright Day

Why April 23 each year for this event?

From UNESCO, the 23rd of April is “a symbolic date in remembrance of the deaths of two major authors: William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes.”

World Book and Copyright Day is celebrated across the globe. In the U.K., there’s also World Book Night on April 23. It’s organized by The Reading Agency and is an evening set aside to enjoy and celebrate reading and books of all types.

There’s no reason why you can’t have your own World Book Night here in the U.S. — grab your kids, your honey, your BFFs, and even your pets for a fun night of reading and sharing your favorite books and stories.


Writer and reader by day, reader and writer by night. I freelance full-time, am finishing my first novel and learning to navigate the wonky world of publishing.

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